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To call (any one) names
To call a bond
To call a party
To call back
To call down
To call for
To call forth
To call in
To call names
To call off
To call on
To call out
To call over
To call the roll
To call to account
To call to mind
To call to order
To call to the bar
To call up
To cap the climax
To care for
To carry all before one
To carry arms
To carry away
To carry coals
To carry coals to Newcastle
To carry off
To carry on
To carry one's point
To carry out
to carry the ball
To carry the wind
To carry through
To carry up
To carry weight
To carve out
To cast a
To cast a horoscope
To cast a shoe
To cast anchor
To cast aside
To cast away
To cast by
To cast down
To cast forth
To cast in one's lot with
To cast in one's teeth
To cast in the teeth
To cast lots
To cast off
To cast off copy
To cast one's colt's tooth
To cast one's nativity
To cast one's self on
To cast out
To cast the lead
To cast the water
To cast up
To cat the anchor
To catch (one) flatfooted
To catch a crab
To catch a tartar
To catch at
To catch fire
to catch it
To catch one's eye
To catch up
To catch up with
To catch upon the hip
To cave in
To chalk out
To challenge the array
To challenge to the
To change a horse, or To change hand
To change hand
To change hands
To change one's tune
To change step
To chant horses
To cheer ship
To chew the cud
To chide hither
To chip in
To choke off
To choose sides
To chop logic
To circle in
To clack wool
To clap hands
To clap hold of
To clap the hands
To clap up
To claw (one) on the back
To claw (one) on the gall
To claw away
To claw off
To clean out
To clear a ship at the customhouse
To clear a ship for action
To clear hawse
To clear out
To clear the decks
To clear the land
To clear up
To clew down
To clew up
To climb Parnassus
To close on
To close with
To close with the land
To club a musket
To cockbill the anchor
To collar beef
To collect one's self
To come
To come about
To come across
To come by
To come home
To come honestly by
To come in
To come in at the hawse holes
To come it
To come it over
To come near to
To come off
To come off with flying colors
To come one's way
To come or draw to a head
To come round
To come short
To come to blows
To come to grief
To come to hand
To come to the front
To come to the ground
To come up with
To come upon
To commit a bill
To commit to memory
To commune with one's self
To compound a felony
To con answer
To con thanks
To congratulate one's self
To conjure up
To contest an election
To cool the heels
To corbel out
To cost dear
To couch a spear
To couch malt
To cough down
To count out
To cover ground
To cover into
To cover one's short contracts
To crack a bottle
To crack a crib
To crack on
To cradle a picture
To cramp the wheels of wagon
To cream butter
To credit with
To crop out
To crop up
To cross a check
To cross one's path
To cross the cudgels
To cross the line
To crow over
To crowd out
To crowd sail
To crown a knot
To crush a cup
To crush out
To cry aim
To cry cupboard
To cry down
To cry halves
To cry on
To cry out
To cry out against
To cry out on
To cry to
To cry you mercy
To cudgel one's brains
To curry favel
To curry favor
To curse by bell
To curse by bell, book and candle
To curse by bell, book, and candle
To cut a caper
To cut a curlycue
To cut a dash
To cut a dido
To cut a feather
To cut a figure
To cut across
To cut and run
To cut both ways
To cut corners
To cut down
To cut in
To cut lots
To cut off
To cut one's eyeteeth
To cut one's stick
To cut the cards
To cut the knot
To cut up
To cut up shines
To dam out
To dance attendance
To dance on a rope
To dance the hay
To dangle about
To dare larks
To deal by
To deal in
To deal in futures
To deal with
To declare off
To declare one's self
To deny one's self
To depart with
To depress the pole
To develop a curved surface on a plane
To die game
To die in harness
To die in the last ditch
To die in the pain
To dig down
To dig from
To dig in
to dig in one's heels
To dig out
To din into
To dine with Duke Humphrey
To ding (anything) in one's ears
To dip snuff
To dip the colors
To dip, the flag
To dish out
To dish up
To dispense with
To dispose of
to do a job on
To do a thing on the cross
To do by
To do for
To do one honor
To do one shame
To do one's best
To do one's business
To do one's diligence
To do one's endeavor
To do over
To do the handsome thing
To do the honors
To do to death
To do truth
To do up
To do violence on
To do violence to
To do way
To do with
To do without
To double upon
To double-bank an oar
To doubt not but
To drag an anchor
To draw (one) out
To draw (one) to
To draw a bow
To draw a cover
To draw a curtain
To draw a line
To draw a long bow
To draw a straight furrow
To draw back
To draw breath
To draw cuts
To draw in
To draw interest
To draw lots
To draw off
To draw on
To draw out
To draw over
To draw the longbow
To draw to a head
To draw to memory
To draw up
To dream away
To dress a ship
To dress to the right
To dress up
To drink a health
To drink down
To drink in
To drink off
To drink the health of
To drink to
To drive to the wall
To drop a vessel
To drop astern
To drop down
To drop off
to drop the ball
To drop through
To drown up
To dry up
To dub a fly
To dub out
to duke it out
To dust one's jacket
To dwell in
To dwell on
To dye in grain
To dye in the grain
To dyst one's jacket
To ease a ship
To ease off
To ease the helm
To eat
To eat dirt
To eat heartily
To eat humble pie
To eat of
To eat one's words
To eat out
To eat the seed corn
To eat the wind out of a vessel
To eat to windward
To edge away
To edge down
To edge in
To edge in with
To elbow one's way
To elevate a piece
To employ one's self
To end in smoke
To end up
To endeavor one's self
To enjoy one's self
To enlarge an order
To enlarge one's self
To enlarge the heart
To enter on the boards
To enter the lists
To exert one's self
To exhibit a foundation or prize
To exibit an essay
To experience religion
To explain away
To extract the root
To face (a thing) out
To face down
to face the music
To fag out
To fall aboard of
To fall abroad of
To fall among
To fall astern
To fall away
To fall back
To fall back upon
To fall calm
To fall down
To fall flat
To fall foul
To fall foul of
To fall from
To fall from grace
To fall home
To fall in
To fall in with
To fall into one's hands
To fall off
To fall through
To fang a pump
To farm let
To fasten a charge upon
To fasten one's eyes upon
To father on
To feather an oar
To feather one's nest
To feather the oars
To feel after
To feel at home
To feel one's oats
To feel the helm
To feeze up
To fence the tables
To fend off a boat
To fetch a compass
To fetch a pump
To fetch and carry
To fetch away
To fetch headway
To fetch out
To fetch up
To fight at barriers
To fight it out
To fight shy
To figure out
To figure up
To file with
To fill in
To fill out
To fill the ranks
To fill up
To find fault
To find fault with
To find favor in the eyes (of
To find in the heart
To find one's self
To find out
To find the latchstring out
To fine
To fire up
To fish the anchor
To fit out
To fit up
To fix on
To fizzle out
To flap in the mouth
To flare up
To flash in the pan
To flat out
To flatten a sail
To fling about
To fling away
To fling out
To float with the stream
To flush a joints
To fly a kite
To fly about
To fly around
To fly at
To fly in the face of
To fly off
To fly on
To fly open
To fly out
To fob off
To follow suit
To follow the hounds
To follow up
To fool away
To foot a bill
To foot it
To foreclose a mortgage
To foreclose a mortgager
To forestall the market
To forget one's self
To fork over
To form on
To forswear one's self
To freeze up
To freshen ballast
To freshen the hawse
To freshen the way
To fret the gizzard
To fritter away
To frizzle up
To fume away
To funk out

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