Blue ribbon

Definition of Blue ribbon

The ribbon worn by members of the order of the Garter; - hence, a member of that order.
Anything the attainment of which is an object of great ambition; a distinction; a prize.
The distinctive badge of certain temperance or total abstinence organizations, as of the Blue ribbon Army.
- blue ribbon

See also: Blue Blue Blue

Related Words

acme, authority, authorization, be-all and end-all, championship, command, control, cordon, cordon bleu, decoration, decoration of honor, directorship, dominion, effectiveness, first place, first prize, garter, gold star, grand cordon, headship, hegemony, height, highest, imperium, influence, jurisdiction, kingship, leadership, lordship, management, mastership, mastery, maximum, most, ne plus ultra, new high, order, ornament, palms, paramountcy, power, presidency, primacy, record, red ribbon, riband, ribbon, rule, say, sovereignty, star, supremacy, sway, top spot, zenith


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