Definition of Bob

Pronunciation: bǒb
n.1.Anything that hangs so as to play loosely, or with a short abrupt motion, as at the end of a string; a pendant; as, the bob at the end of a kite's tail.
In jewels dressed and at each ear a bob.
- Dryden.
2.A knot of worms, or of rags, on a string, used in angling, as for eels; formerly, a worm suitable for bait.
Or yellow bobs, turned up before the plow,
Are chiefest baits, with cork and lead enow.
- Lauson.
3.A small piece of cork or light wood attached to a fishing line to show when a fish is biting; a float.
4.The ball or heavy part of a pendulum; also, the ball or weight at the end of a plumb line.
5.A small wheel, made of leather, with rounded edges, used in polishing spoons, etc.
6.A short, jerking motion; act of bobbing; as, a bob of the head.
7.(Steam Engine) A working beam.
8.A knot or short curl of hair; also, a bob wig.
A plain brown bob he wore.
- Shenstone.
9.A peculiar mode of ringing changes on bells.
10.The refrain of a song.
To bed, to bed, will be the bob of the song.
- L'Estrange.
11.A blow; a shake or jog; a rap, as with the fist.
12.A jeer or flout; a sharp jest or taunt; a trick.
He that a fool doth very wisely hit,
Doth very foolishly, although he smart,
Not to seem senseless of the bob.
- Shak.
13.A shilling.
v. t.1.To cause to move in a short, jerking manner; to move (a thing) with a bob.
[imp. & p. p. Bobbed ( ); p. pr. & vb. n. Bobbing.]
2.To strike with a quick, light blow; to tap.
If any man happened by long sitting to sleep . . . he was suddenly bobbed on the face by the servants.
- Elyot.
3.To cheat; to gain by fraud or cheating; to filch.
Gold and jewels that I bobbed from him.
- Shak.
4.To mock or delude; to cheat.
To play her pranks, and bob the fool,
The shrewish wife began.
- Turbervile.
5.To cut short; as, to bob the hair, or a horse's tail.
v. i.1.To have a short, jerking motion; to play to and fro, or up and down; to play loosely against anything.
2.To angle with a bob. See Bob, n., 2 & 3.
He ne'er had learned the art to bob
For anything but eels.
- Saxe.
To bob at an apple
to attempt to bite or seize with the mouth an apple, cherry, or other round fruit, while it is swinging from a string or floating in a tug of water.

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