Rose family

Definition of Rose family

(Bot.) the Roseceæ.
- Craig.

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Amelanchier, Amygdalaceae, Chaenomeles, Chrysobalanus, Crataegus, Cydonia, Dryas, Eriobotrya, family Amygdalaceae, family Rosaceae, Fragaria, genus Agrimonia, genus Amelanchier, genus Chaenomeles, genus Chrysobalanus, genus Cotoneaster, genus Crataegus, genus Cydonia, genus Dryas, genus Eriobotrya, genus Fragaria, genus Geum, genus Heteromeles, genus Malus, genus Mespilus, genus Photinia, genus Potentilla, genus Poterium, genus Prunus, genus Pyracantha, genus Pyrus, genus Rosa, genus Rubus, genus Sorbus, genus Spiraea, Geum, Heteromeles, Malus, Mespilus, order Rosales, Photinia, Potentilla, Poterium, Prunus, Pyrus, Rosa, Rosaceae, Rosales, rosid dicot family, Rubus, Sorbus, Spiraea


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