To blow up

Definition of To blow up

to be torn to pieces and thrown into the air as by an explosion of powder or gas or the expansive force of steam; to burst; to explode; as, a powder mill or steam boiler blows up.
- Tatler.
To fill with air; to swell; as, to blow up a bladder or bubble.
To inflate, as with pride, self-conceit, etc.; to puff up; as, to blow one up with flattery.
To excite; as, to blow up a contention.
- Milton.
To burst, to raise into the air, or to scatter, by an explosion; as, to blow up a fort.
To scold violently; as, to blow up a person for some offense.
To inflate; to distend.
To destroy by an explosion from beneath.
To explode; as, the boiler blew up.
To reprove angrily; to scold.

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