Definition of Arrest

v. t.1.To stop; to check or hinder the motion or action of; as, to arrest the current of a river; to arrest the senses.
[imp. & p. p. Arrested; p. pr. & vb. n. Arresting.]
Nor could her virtues the relentless hand
Of Death arrest.
- Philips.
2.(Law) To take, seize, or apprehend by authority of law; as, to arrest one for debt, or for a crime.
3.To seize on and fix; to hold; to catch; as, to arrest the eyes or attention.
4.To rest or fasten; to fix; to concentrate.
We may arrest our thoughts upon the divine mercies.
- Jer. Taylor.
v. i.1.To tarry; to rest.
n.1.The act of stopping, or restraining from further motion, etc.; stoppage; hindrance; restraint; as, an arrest of development.
As the arrest of the air showeth.
- Bacon.
2.(Law) The taking or apprehending of a person by authority of law; legal restraint; custody. Also, a decree, mandate, or warrant.
William . . . ordered him to be put under arrest.
- Macaulay.
[Our brother Norway] sends out arrests
On Fortinbras; which he, in brief, obeys.
- Shak.
3.Any seizure by power, physical or moral.
The sad stories of fire from heaven, the burning of his sheep, etc., . . . were sad arrests to his troubled spirit.
- Jer. Taylor.
4.(Far.) A scurfiness of the back part of the hind leg of a horse; - also named rat-tails.
Arrest of judgment
(Law) the staying or stopping of a judgment, after verdict, for legal cause. The motion for this purpose is called a motion in arrest of judgment.

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