Definition of Bulk

Pronunciation: bŭlk
n.1.Magnitude of material substance; dimensions; mass; size; as, an ox or ship of great bulk.
Against these forces there were prepared near one hundred ships; not so great of bulk indeed, but of a more nimble motion, and more serviceable.
- Bacon.
2.The main mass or body; the largest or principal portion; the majority; as, the bulk of a debt.
The bulk of the people must labor, Burke told them, "to obtain what by labor can be obtained."
- J. Morley.
3.(Naut.) The cargo of a vessel when stowed.
4.The body.
My liver leaped within my bulk.
- Turbervile.
Barrel bulk
See under Barrel.
To break bulk
(Naut.) to begin to unload or more the cargo.
In bulk
in a mass; loose; not inclosed in separate packages or divided into separate parts; in such shape that any desired quantity may be taken or sold.
Laden in bulk
having the cargo loose in the hold or not inclosed in boxes, bales, or casks.
Sale by bulk
a sale of goods as they are, without weight or measure.
v. i.1.To appear or seem to be, as to bulk or extent; to swell.
[imp. & p. p. Bulked ( ); p. pr. & vb. n. Bulking.]
The fame of Warburton possibly bulked larger for the moment.
- Leslie Stephen.
n.1.A projecting part of a building.
Here, stand behind this bulk.
- Shak.

Related Words

accumulate, add to, agglomerate, aggrandize, aggregate, aggroup, amass, amount, ampleness, amplify, amplitude, area, assemble, augment, balloon, batch, best part, better part, bigness, bloat, block, blow up, bodily size, body, boundlessness, breadth, bring together, broaden, budget, build, build up, bulk large, bulk out, bunch, bunch together, bunch up, caliber, chunk, clod, clump, cluster, coarseness, collect, colligate, collocate, combine, compare, compile, conglomerate, core, corpulence, corpus, corral, coverage, crescendo, cumulate, depth, develop, diameter, dig up, dilate, dimension, dimensions, distance through, distend, draw together, dredge up, drive together, enlarge, enlargement, enormity, enormousness, essence, exceed, expand, expanse, expansion, extend, extension, extent, fatness, fill out, force, formidableness, fullness, gather, gather in, gather together, gauge, generality, get in, get together, gigantism, girth, gist, gob, grandeur, grandness, gravamen, great scope, greaten, greatness, grossness, group, height, hike, hike up, huff, hugeness, hunk, immensity, increase, infinity, inflate, intensity, join, juxtapose, largeness, length, loaf, loom, loom large, lump together, magnify, main body, major part, majority, make up, match, matter, measure, measurement, meat, might, mightiness, mobilize, more than half, muchness, muster, nugget, numbers, object, outsoar, outstrip, overtop, pair, partner, pat, plenitude, plurality, power, preponderance, preponderancy, prodigiousness, proportion, proportions, puff, puff up, pump, pump up, put together, quantity, quantum, radius, raise, rake up, rally, range, rarefy, reach, rear, rise above, round up, scale, scope, scrape together, size, snowball, soar, spread, stand out, staple, strength, stretch, stupendousness, substance, sufflate, sum, swell, take up, the greatest number, the third dimension, thickness, thrust, total, totality, tower, tower above, transcend, tremendousness, tumefy, up, vastness, wad, whip in, whole, widen, width


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