Definition of Countenance

Coun´te`nance   Pronunciation: koun´t?-nans
n.1.Appearance or expression of the face; look; aspect; mien.
So spake the Son, and into terror changed
His countenance.
- Milton.
2.The face; the features.
In countenance somewhat doth resemble you.
- Shak.
3.Approving or encouraging aspect of face; hence, favor, good will, support; aid; encouragement.
Thou hast made him . . . glad with thy countenance.
- Ps. xxi. 6.
This is the magistrate's peculiar province, to give countenance to piety and virtue, and to rebuke vice.
- Atterbury.
4.Superficial appearance; show; pretense.
The election being done, he made countenance of great discontent thereat.
- Ascham.
In countenance
in an assured condition or aspect; free from shame or dismay.
Out of countenance
not bold or assured; confounded; abashed.
- Addison.
To keep the countenance
to preserve a composed or natural look, undisturbed by passion or emotion.
- Clarendon.
v. t.1.To encourage; to favor; to approve; to aid; to abet.
[imp. & p. p. Countenanced (-nanst); p. pr. & vb. n. Countenancing.]
This conceit, though countenanced by learned men, is not made out either by experience or reason.
- Sir T. Browne.
2.To make a show of; to pretend.
Which to these ladies love did countenance.
- Spenser.

Related Words

Buddha-like composure, OK, Oriental calm, abet, abetment, accept, acceptance, adherence, admiration, admire, advocacy, advocate, aegis, aid and abet, air, applaud, approbation, approve, approve of, ask for, auspices, authority, authorization, back, backing, bear, bear with, bearing, bless, blessing, blink at, brook, brow, calm disposition, calm of mind, calmness, care, carriage, cast, cast of countenance, certification, champion, championship, charity, clearance, color, comfort, commend, complexion, composure, condone, connive at, cool, coolheadedness, coolness, demeanor, dial, easy mind, embolden, empowerment, enabling, encourage, endorse, endorsement, endure, enfranchisement, entitlement, esteem, facial appearance, facies, favor, favorable vote, feature, features, feed, fiat, foster, fosterage, garb, give encouragement, go for, goodwill, grin and abide, guidance, guise, have, hear of, hearten, hold with, icy calm, imperturbation, indisturbance, indulge, interest, invite, keep in countenance, kisser, let go by, let pass, lineaments, lines, looks, map, mental composure, mien, mug, mush, nod, nourish, nurture, obey, overlook, pan, patronage, peace of mind, peacefulness, philosophic composure, philosophicalness, philosophy, phiz, physiognomy, placidity, port, posture, presence, puss, put up with, quiet, quiet mind, quietude, ratification, respect, rise above, sanction, sangfroid, seal of approval, seconding, serenity, shine upon, shrug, shrug it off, smile upon, soothingness, sponsorship, stamp of approval, stance, stand for, stomach, submit to, subscribe, suffer, sympathy, take kindly to, think well of, tolerate, traits, tranquillity, turn, tutelage, unruffledness, uphold, view with favor, voice, vote, warrant, warranty, wink at, yea, yea vote, yield to


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