Definition of Crop

Pronunciation: krǒpt
n.1.The pouchlike enlargement of the gullet of birds, serving as a receptacle for food; the craw.
2.The top, end, or highest part of anything, especially of a plant or tree.
3.That which is cropped, cut, or gathered from a single felld, or of a single kind of grain or fruit, or in a single season; especially, the product of what is planted in the earth; fruit; harvest.
Lab'ring the soil, and reaping plenteous crop,
Corn, wine, and oil.
- Milton.
4.Grain or other product of the field while standing.
5.Anything cut off or gathered.
Guiltless of steel, and from the razor free,
It falls a plenteous crop reserved for thee.
- Dryden.
6.Hair cut close or short, or the act or style of so cutting; as, a convict's crop.
7.(Arch.) A projecting ornament in carved stone. Specifically, a finial.
8.(Mining.) Tin ore prepared for smelting.
9.A riding whip with a loop instead of a lash.
Neck and crop
altogether; roughly and at once.
v. t.1.To cut off the tops or tips of; to bite or pull off; to browse; to pluck; to mow; to reap.
[imp. & p. p. Cropped (krǒpt); p. pr. & vb. n. Cropping.]
I will crop off from the top of his young twigs a tender one.
- Ezek. xvii. 22.
2.Fig.: To cut off, as if in harvest.
Death . . . .crops the growing boys.
3.To cause to bear a crop; as, to crop a field. cut off an unnecessary portion at the edges; - of photographs and other two-dimensional images; as, to crop her photograph up to the shoulders.
v. i.1.To yield harvest.
To crop out
a - (Geol.) To appear above the surface, as a seam or vein, or inclined bed, as of coal.
b - To come to light; to be manifest; to appear; as, the peculiarities of an author crop out.
To crop up
to sprout; to spring up; to appear suddenly.
- Beaconsfield.

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