Definition of Laugh

Pronunciation: läf
v. i.1.To show mirth, satisfaction, or derision, by peculiar movement of the muscles of the face, particularly of the mouth, causing a lighting up of the face and eyes, and usually accompanied by the emission of explosive or chuckling sounds from the chest and throat; to indulge in laughter.
[imp. & p. p. Laughed (läft); p. pr. & vb. n. Laughing.]
Queen Hecuba laughed that her eyes ran o'er.
- Shak.
He laugheth that winneth.
- Heywood's Prov.
2.Fig.: To be or appear gay, cheerful, pleasant, mirthful, lively, or brilliant; to sparkle; to sport.
Then laughs the childish year, with flowerets crowned.
- Dryden.
In Folly's cup still laughs the bubble Joy.
- Pope.
To laugh at
to make an object of laughter or ridicule; to make fun of; to deride.
No wit to flatter left of all his store,
No fool to laugh at, which he valued more.
- Pope.
v. t.1.To affect or influence by means of laughter or ridicule.
Will you laugh me asleep, for I am very heavy?
- Shak.
I shall laugh myself to death.
- Shak.
2.To express by, or utter with, laughter; - with out.
From his deep chest laughs out a loud applause.
- Shak.
To laugh away
a - To drive away by laughter; as, to laugh away regret.
b - To waste in hilarity.
To laugh down
a - To cause to cease or desist by laughter; as, to laugh down a speaker.
- Shak.
b - To cause to be given up on account of ridicule; as, to laugh down a reform.
To laugh one out of
to cause one by laughter or ridicule to abandon or give up; as, to laugh one out of a plan or purpose.
To laugh to scorn
to deride; to treat with mockery, contempt, and scorn; to despise.
n.1.An expression of mirth peculiar to the human species; the sound heard in laughing; laughter. See Laugh, v. i.
And the loud laugh that spoke the vacant mind.
- Goldsmith.
That man is a bad man who has not within him the power of a hearty laugh.
- F. W. Robertson.

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