Definition of Lieutenant

Lieu`ten´ant   Pronunciation: lũ`tĕn´ant
n.1.An officer who supplies the place of a superior in his absence; a representative of, or substitute for, another in the performance of any duty.
The lawful magistrate, who is the vicegerent or lieutenant of God.
- Abp. Bramhall.
2.A commissioned officer in the army, next below a captain.
Deputy lieutenant
the title of any one of the deputies or assistants of the lord lieutenant of a county.
Lieutenant colonel
an army officer next in rank above major, and below colonel.
Lieutenant commander
an officer in the United States navy, in rank next below a commander and next above a lieutenant.
Lieutenant general
See in Vocabulary.
Lieutenant governor
a - An officer of a State, being next in rank to the governor, and in case of the death or resignation of the latter, himself acting as governor.
b - A deputy governor acting as the chief civil officer of one of several colonies under a governor general.

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