Definition of Living

Liv´ing   Pronunciation: lĭv´ĭng
a.1.Being alive; having life; as, a living creature. Opposed to dead.
2.Active; lively; vigorous; - said esp. of states of the mind, and sometimes of abstract things; as, a living faith; a living principle.
3.Issuing continually from the earth; running; flowing; as, a living spring; - opposed to stagnant.
4.Producing life, action, animation, or vigor; quickening.
5.Ignited; glowing with heat; burning; live.
Then on the living coals wine they pour.
- Dryden.
Living force
See Vis viva, under Vis.
Living gale
(Naut.) a heavy gale.
Living rock
rock in its native or original state or location; rock not quarried.
The living
those who are alive, or one who is alive.
- Moore.
n.1.The state of one who, or that which, lives; lives; life; existence.
2.Manner of life; as, riotous living; penurious living; earnest living.
3.Means of subsistence; sustenance; estate; as, to make a comfortable living from writing.
She can spin for her living.
- Shak.
He divided unto them his living.
- Luke xv. 12.
4.Power of continuing life; the act of living, or living comfortably.
There is no living without trusting somebody or other in some cases.
- L' Estrange.
5.The benefice of a clergyman; an ecclesiastical charge which a minister receives.
He could not get a deanery, a prebend, or even a living
- Macaulay.

Related Words

TLC, abiding, ablaze, abode, aboveground, active, acute, advowson, afire, aflame, aflicker, aggressive, aglow, alight, alimony, alive, alive and kicking, among the living, animal spirits, animate, animate existence, animated, animation, ardent, around, being, being alive, benefice, biological, biotic, birth, blazing, bread, bread and butter, breathing, brisk, burning, candent, candescent, capable of life, care, care of souls, charge, cohabitation, comburent, commorancy, commorant, conflagrant, conscious, curacy, cure, current, daily bread, dwelling, dynamic, economic support, endowed with life, endowment, energetic, enlivened, enterprising, enthusiastic, existence, existing, extant, faithful, flagrant, flaming, flaring, flickering, forceful, forcible, full of pep, fuming, glebe, glowing, go-go, guttering, habitancy, habitation, having life, hearty, ignescent, ignited, immortality, impetuous, in a blaze, in a glow, in being, in effect, in existence, in flames, in force, in residence, in the flesh, incandescent, incisive, incumbency, inflamed, inhabitancy, inhabitation, inhabiting, inspirited, instinct with life, intense, keen, keep, kindled, kinetic, life, lifelike, lifetime, live, liveliness, lively, living in, lodging, long life, long-lived, longevity, lusty, maintenance, manna, meat, mettlesome, mothering, natural, nesting, nourishment, nurture, occupancy, occupation, on fire, on foot, operative, organic, organized, peppy, physiological, prelacy, present, prevalent, price support, provision, quick, realistic, rectory, reeking, remaining, residence, residency, resident, residentiary, residing, robust, salt, scintillant, scintillating, smacking, smoking, smoldering, snappy, sojourning, spanking, sparking, speaking, spirited, spriteliness, squatting, staying, staying over, stopping, strenuous, strong, subsidization, subsidy, subsistence, subsistent, subsisting, subvention, sustainment, sustenance, sustentation, take-charge, take-over, tenacious of life, tenancy, tender loving care, to the life, trenchant, true to life, true to nature, under the sun, unextinguished, unquenched, upkeep, very much alive, viability, viable, vibrant, vicarage, vigorous, vital, vitality, vivacious, vivacity, vivid, vivified, zestful, zesty, zippy, zoetic


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