Definition of make

Pronunciation: māk
n.1.A companion; a mate; often, a husband or a wife.
For in this world no woman is
Worthy to be my make.
- Chaucer.
v. t.1.To cause to exist; to bring into being; to form; to produce; to frame; to fashion; to create.
[imp. & p. p. made (mād); p. pr. & vb. n. making.]
He . . . fashioned it with a graving tool, after he had made it a molten calf.
- Ex. xxxii. 4.
2.To produce, as something artificial, unnatural, or false; - often with up; as, to make up a story.
And Art, with her contending, doth aspire
To excel the natural with made delights.
- Spenser.
2.To cause to be or become; to put into a given state verb, or adjective; to constitute; as, to make known; to make public; to make fast.
Who made thee a prince and a judge over us?
- Ex. ii. 14.
See, I have made thee a god to Pharaoh.
- Ex. vii. 1.
3.To bring about; to bring forward; to be the cause or agent of; to effect, do, perform, or execute; - often used with a noun to form a phrase equivalent to the simple verb that corresponds to such noun; as, to make complaint, for to complain; to make record of, for to record; to make abode, for to abide, etc.
Call for Samson, that he may make us sport.
- Judg. xvi. 25.
Wealth maketh many friends.
- Prov. xix. 4.
I will neither plead my age nor sickness in excuse of the faults which I have made.
- Dryden.
3.To cause to appear to be; to constitute subjectively; to esteem, suppose, or represent.
He is not that goose and ass that Valla would make him.
- Baker.
4.To execute with the requisite formalities; as, to make a bill, note, will, deed, etc.
He accuseth Neptune unjustly who makes shipwreck a second time.
- Bacon.
4.To require; to constrain; to compel; to force; to cause; to occasion; - followed by a noun or pronoun and infinitive.
I will make them hear my words.
- Deut. iv. 10.
They should be made to rise at their early hour.
- Locke.
5.To find, as the result of calculation or computation; to ascertain by enumeration; to find the number or amount of, by reckoning, weighing, measurement, and the like; as, he made the distance of; to travel over; as, the ship makes ten knots an hour; he made the distance in one day.
Who makes or ruins with a smile or frown.
- Dryden.
5.To become; to be, or to be capable of being, changed or fashioned into; to do the part or office of; to furnish the material for; as, he will make a good musician; sweet cider makes sour vinegar; wool makes warm clothing.
And old cloak makes a new jerkin.
- Shak.
6.To compose, as parts, ingredients, or materials; to constitute; to form; to amount to; as, a pound of ham makes a hearty meal.
The heaven, the air, the earth, and boundless sea,
Make but one temple for the Deity.
- Waller.
7.To be engaged or concerned in.
Gomez, what makest thou here, with a whole brotherhood of city bailiffs?
- Dryden.
8.To reach; to attain; to arrive at or in sight of.
They that sail in the middle can make no land of either side.
- Sir T. Browne.
To make a bed
to prepare a bed for being slept on, or to put it in order.
To make a card
(Card Playing) to take a trick with it.
To make account
See under Account, n.
To make account of
to esteem; to regard.
To make away
a - To put out of the way; to kill; to destroy.
If a child were crooked or deformed in body or mind, they made him away.
- Burton.
Make the doors upon a woman's wit, and it will out at the casement.
- Shak.
He was all made up of love and charms!
- Addison.
v. i.1.To act in a certain manner; to have to do; to manage; to interfere; to be active; - often in the phrase to meddle or make.
A scurvy, jack-a-nape priest to meddle or make.
- Shak.
2.To proceed; to tend; to move; to go; as, he made toward home; the tiger made at the sportsmen.
3.To tend; to contribute; to have effect; - with for or against; as, it makes for his advantage.
Follow after the things which make for peace.
- Rom. xiv. 19.
Considerations infinite
Do make against it.
- Shak.
4.To increase; to augment; to accrue.
5.To compose verses; to write poetry; to versify.
To solace him some time, as I do when I make.
- P. Plowman.
To make as if
to pretend that; to make show that; to make believe (see under Make, v. t.).
Joshua and all Israel made as if they were beaten before them, and fled.
- Josh. viii. 15.
My lord of London maketh as though he were greatly displeased with me.
- Latimer.
n.1.Structure, texture, constitution of parts; construction; shape; form.
It our perfection of so frail a make
As every plot can undermine and shake?
- Dryden.
On the make
a - bent upon making great profits; greedy of gain.
b - seeking higher social status or a higher employment position.
c - seeking a sexual partner; looking for sexual adventure.

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