Definition of Pump

Pronunciation: pŭmt; 215
n.1.A low shoe with a thin sole.
1.An hydraulic machine, variously constructed, for raising or transferring fluids, consisting essentially of a moving piece or piston working in a hollow cylinder or other cavity, with valves properly placed for admitting or retaining the fluid as it is drawn or driven through them by the action of the piston.
Circulating pump
(Steam Engine) a pump for driving the condensing water through the casing, or tubes, of a surface condenser.
Pump brake
See Pump handle, below.
Pump dale
See Dale.
Pump gear
the apparatus belonging to a pump.
Pump handle
the lever, worked by hand, by which motion is given to the bucket of a pump.
- Totten.
Pump hood
a semicylindrical appendage covering the upper wheel of a chain pump.
Pump rod
the rod to which the bucket of a pump is fastened, and which is attached to the brake or handle; the piston rod.
Pump room
a place or room at a mineral spring where the waters are drawn and drunk.
Pump spear
Same as Pump rod, above.
Pump stock
the stationary part, body, or barrel of a pump.
Pump well
(Naut.) See Well.
v. t.1.To raise with a pump, as water or other liquid.
[imp. & p. p. Pumped (pŭmt; 215); p. pr. & vb. n. pumping.]
2.To draw water, or the like, from; to from water by means of a pump; as, they pumped the well dry; to pump a ship.
3.Figuratively, to draw out or obtain, as secrets or money, by persistent questioning or plying; to question or ply persistently in order to elicit something, as information, money, etc.
But pump not me for politics.
- Otway.
v. i.1.To work, or raise water, a pump.

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