Definition of Slight

v. t.1.To overthrow; to demolish.
2.To make even or level.
3.To throw heedlessly.
The rogue slighted me into the river.
- Shak.
a.1.Not decidedly marked; not forcible; inconsiderable; unimportant; insignificant; not severe; weak; gentle; - applied in a great variety of circumstances; as, a slight (i. e., feeble) effort; a slight (i. e., perishable) structure; a slight (i. e., not deep) impression; a slight (i. e., not convincing) argument; a slight (i. e., not thorough) examination; slight (i. e., not severe) pain, and the like.
Slight is the subject, but not so the praise.
- Pope.
Some firmly embrace doctrines upon slight grounds.
- Locke.
2.Not stout or heavy; slender.
His own figure, which was formerly so slight.
- Sir W. Scott.
3.Foolish; silly; weak in intellect.
v. t.1.To disregard, as of little value and unworthy of notice; to make light of; as, to slight the divine commands.
[imp. & p. p. Slighted; p. pr. & vb. n. Slighting.]
The wretch who slights the bounty of the skies.
- Cowper.
To slight off
to run over in haste; to perform superficially; to treat carelessly; as, to slight over a theme.
- Bacon.
Beware . . . lest the like befall . . .
If they transgress and slight that sole command.
- Milton.
This my long-sufferance, and my day of grace,
Those who neglect and scorn shall never taste.
- Milton.
n.1.The act of slighting; the manifestation of a moderate degree of contempt, as by neglect or oversight; neglect; indignity.
Think not so slight of glory.
- Milton.

Related Words

Lenten, Spartan, abstemious, adulterated, affront, airy, ankle-deep, ascetic, asinine, attenuate, attenuated, austere, bantam, be blind to, be caught out, be inattentive, be unwary, belittle, blink, blink at, boyish, breakable, bring down, bring into discredit, bring low, brittle, carefully ignore, catchpenny, cheap-jack, cobwebby, cold shoulder, cold-shoulder, coldness, connive at, contemn, cramped, crumbly, cry down, culpa, culpable negligence, cursory, cut, cut a corner, cut corners, cut dead, cut direct, dainty, debase, decry, default, degrade, delicate, delicately weak, delinquency, depreciate, depthless, dereliction, deride, derogate from, despise, detract from, diaphanous, dilute, diluted, diminish, diminutive, dinky, disapprove of, disconformity, discount, discredit, disdain, disgrace, dismiss, disparage, disregard, disrespect, dodge, dwarfed, dwarfish, effeminate, empty, epidermal, ethereal, exiguous, fail, failure, fat, fatuous, feeble, fine-drawn, finespun, flimsy, flout, foolish, forget, fragile, frail, frangible, fribble, fribbling, frivolous, frothy, frugal, fudge, futile, gaseous, gauzy, gimcrack, gimcracky, girlish, give no heed, give the go-by, gossamer, gossamery, gracile, half-pint, hear nothing, hold in contempt, hold in derision, humiliation, idle, ignore, ill-treatment, impoverished, inadequate, inadvertence, inadvertency, inane, inattention, inconsequential, indifference, indignity, infinitesimal, inobservance, insecure, insubstantial, insult, jejune, jerry, jerry-built, knee-deep, knee-high, knock, laches, lacy, laissez-faire, lapse, laugh at, laugh to scorn, laxity, laxness, let pass, light, lightweight, limited, little, look right through, looseness, make light of, make little of, mean, miniature, minimize, minor, minute, miserly, miss, misty, mortify, namby-pamby, neglect, neglectfulness, negligence, negligible, niggardly, nonadherence, noncompliance, nonconformance, nonconformity, nonfeasance, nonfulfillment, noninterference, nonobservance, nonperformance, nonrestriction, not attend, not deep, not heed, not listen, not notice, nugacious, off, offend, omission, omit, on the surface, one-horse, otiose, outrage, outside, overlook, overlooking, overpass, oversight, paltry, papery, parsimonious, pass by, pass over, pass over lightly, pass up, pasteboardy, pay no attention, pay no mind, perceptible, permissiveness, petite, piddling, pindling, pint-sized, pocket, pocket-sized, poky, pooh-pooh, poor, poor stewardship, precarious, procrastination, puny, put down, rarefied, rebuff, reedy, reflect discredit upon, refuse to acknowledge, refuse to recognize, remissness, repulse, rickety, run down, scamp, scant, scoff, scoff at, scorn, scout, scrimp, scrimpy, see nothing, set at defiance, shallow, shallow-rooted, shattery, shoal, short, silly, sissified, skim, skim over, skim the surface, skimp, skimpy, skin-deep, skip, skip over, slackness, sleazy, slenderish, slight over, slight-made, slimmish, slinky, slubber over, slur, slur over, smallish, sneer, sniff, snort, snub, sparing, speak ill of, spurn, spurning, starvation, stingy, stinted, straitened, stunted, submit to indignity, subsistence, subtile, subtle, superficial, surface, svelte, sylphlike, tacky, the cold shoulder, the go-by, thin, thin-bodied, thin-set, thin-spun, think little of, thinned, thinned-out, thinnish, threadlike, tiny, touch upon, touch upon lightly, trace, treat with contempt, trifling, trite, trivial, twiggy, two-by-four, uncompact, uncompressed, unlikely, unnourishing, unnutritious, unobservance, unprofound, unrigorousness, unstable, unsubstantial, vacuous, vague, vain, vapid, vaporous, vest-pocket, wasp-waisted, watered, watered-down, watery, weak, wee, willowy, windy, wink at, wiredrawn, wispy, womanish


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