Definition of spar

Pronunciation: spär
n.1.(Min.) An old name for a nonmetallic mineral, usually cleavable and somewhat lustrous; as, calc spar, or calcite, fluor spar, etc. It was especially used in the case of the gangue minerals of a metalliferous vein.
Blue spar
etc. See under Blue, Cube, etc.
1.(Naut.) A general term any round piece of timber used as a mast, yard, boom, or gaff.
2.(Arch.) Formerly, a piece of timber, in a general sense; - still applied locally to rafters.
3.The bar of a gate or door.
Spar buoy
(Naut.) a buoy anchored by one end so that the other end rises above the surface of the water.
Spar deck
(Naut.) the upper deck of a vessel; especially, in a frigate, the deck which is continued in a straight line from the quarter-deck to the forecastle, and on which spare spars are usually placed. See under Deck.
Spar torpedo
(Naut.) a torpedo carried on the end of a spar usually projecting from the bow of a vessel, and intended to explode upon contact with an enemy's ships.
v. t.1.To bolt; to bar.
2.To To supply or equip with spars, as a vessel.
v. i.1.To strike with the feet or spurs, as cocks do.
[imp. & p. p. Sparred ; p. pr. & vb. n. Sparring.]
2.To use the fists and arms scientifically in attack or defense; to contend or combat with the fists, as for exercise or amusement; to box.
Made believe to spar at Paul with great science.
- Dickens.
3.To contest in words; to wrangle.
n.1.A contest at sparring or boxing.
2.A movement of offense or defense in boxing.

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