Definition of Standing

a.1.Remaining erect; not cut down; as, standing corn.
2.Not flowing; stagnant; as, standing water.
3.Not transitory; not liable to fade or vanish; lasting; as, a standing color.
4.Established by law, custom, or the like; settled; continually existing; permanent; not temporary; as, a standing army; legislative bodies have standing rules of proceeding and standing committees.
5.Not movable; fixed; as, a standing bed (distinguished from a trundle-bed).
Standing army
See Standing army, under Army.
Standing bolt
See Stud bolt, under Stud, a stem.
Standing committee
in legislative bodies, etc., a committee appointed for the consideration of all subjects of a particular class which shall arise during the session or a stated period.
Standing cup
a tall goblet, with a foot and a cover.
Standing finish
(Arch.) that part of the interior fittings, esp. of a dwelling house, which is permanent and fixed in its place, as distinguished from doors, sashes, etc.
Standing order
a - (Eccl.) the denomination (Congregational) established by law; - a term formerly used in Connecticut. See also under Order.
a - (Com.) an order for goods which are to be delivered periodically, without the need for renewal of the order before each delivery.
Standing part
a - (Naut.) That part of a tackle which is made fast to a block, point, or other object
b - That part of a rope around which turns are taken with the running part in making a knot or the like.
Standing rigging
(Naut.) the cordage or ropes which sustain the masts and remain fixed in their position, as the shrouds and stays, - distinguished from running rigging.
n.1.The act of stopping, or coming to a stand; the state of being erect upon the feet; stand.
2.Maintenance of position; duration; duration or existence in the same place or condition; continuance; as, a custom of long standing; an officer of long standing.
An ancient thing of long standing.
- Bunyan.
3.Place to stand in; station; stand.
I will provide you a good standing to see his entry.
- Bacon.
I sink in deep mire, where there is no standing.
- Ps. lxix. 2.
4.Condition in society; relative position; reputation; rank; as, a man of good standing, or of high standing.
Standing off
(Naut.) sailing from the land.
Standing on
(Naut.) sailing toward land.

Related Words

abeyant, abidingness, age, angle, antiquity, apathetic, base, bearings, cachet, candidacy, candidature, capacity, case, caste, cataleptic, catatonic, changelessness, character, circumstance, class, condition, consequence, constancy, continuance, continued, continuing, continuous, conventional, customary, dead, defeat of time, defiance of time, dignity, distance, diuturnity, dopey, dormant, dull, durability, durableness, duration, echelon, eminence, endurance, erect, established, estate, face, firmness, fix, fixed, fixedness, flat, foothold, footing, footplate, footrail, footrest, foul, frozenness, grade, groggy, ground, hardening, heavy, hierarchy, high place, hold, immobility, immovability, immovableness, immutability, in abeyance, in suspense, inactive, inert, invariability, invariableness, inveteracy, jam, kudos, languid, languorous, lastingness, latent, leaden, level, lifeless, location, locus standi, logy, long standing, long-lastingness, long-livedness, longevity, lot, maintenance, modality, mode, motionless, normal, ongoing, order, pass, passive, perch, perdurability, perennation, permanence, permanency, permanent, perpetual, perpetualness, perpetuity, persistence, persistency, perspective, phlegmatic, pickle, place, plight, post, posture, power structure, precedence, predicament, prestige, prominence, purchase, quiescence, rate, rating, regular, reputation, repute, rigidity, running, running for office, seat, sedentary, set, situation, slack, sleeping, sluggish, slumbering, smoldering, solidity, sphere, spot, stability, stage, stagnant, stance, stand, standard, standing for office, standing place, stasis, state, static, station, stationary, stature, status, steadfastness, still, stratum, survival, survivance, suspended, tame, toehold, torpid, torpor, unaroused, unbroken, unchangeability, unchangingness, unmoving, unseated, upright, usual, venue, vertical, viewpoint


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