Definition of Union

n.1.The act of uniting or joining two or more things into one, or the state of being united or joined; junction; coalition; combination.
2.Agreement and conjunction of mind, spirit, will, affections, or the like; harmony; concord.
3.That which is united, or made one; something formed by a combination or coalition of parts or members; a confederation; a consolidated body; a league; as, the weavers have formed a union; trades unions have become very numerous; the United States of America are often called the Union.
4.A textile fabric composed of two or more materials, as cotton, silk, wool, etc., woven together.
5.A large, fine pearl.
If they [pearls] be white, great, round, smooth, and weighty . . . our dainties and delicates here at Rome . . . call them unions, as a man would say "singular," and by themselves alone.
- Holland.
In the cup an union shall he throw,
Richer than that which four successive kings
In Denmark's crown have worn.
- Shak.
6.A device emblematic of union, used on a national flag or ensign, sometimes, as in the military standard of Great Britain, covering the whole field; sometimes, as in the flag of the United States, and the English naval and marine flag, occupying the upper inner corner, the rest of the flag being called the fly. Also, a flag having such a device; especially, the flag of Great Britain.
7.(Mach.) A joint or other connection uniting parts of machinery, or the like, as the elastic pipe of a tender connecting it with the feed pipe of a locomotive engine; especially, a pipe fitting for connecting pipes, or pipes and fittings, in such a way as to facilitate disconnection.
8.(Brewing) A cask suspended on trunnions, in which fermentation is carried on.
Hypostatic union
(Theol.) See under Hypostatic.
Latin union
See under Latin.
Legislative Union
(Eng. Hist.) the union of Great Britain and Ireland, which took place Jan. 1, 1801.
(Eng. Hist.) the act by which Scotland was united to England, or by which the two kingdoms were incorporated into one, in 1707.
Union by the first intention
(Surg.) See To heal by the first intention, or To heal by the second intention, under Intention.
Union down
(Naut.) a signal of distress at sea made by reversing the flag, or turning its union downward.
Union jack
(Naut.) See Jack, n., 10.
Union joint
a - (Mech.) A joint formed by means of a union.
b - A piece of pipe made in the form of the letter T.
One kingdom, joy, and union without end.
- Milton.
[Man] is to . . . beget
Like of his like, his image multiplied.
In unity defective; which requires
Collateral love, and dearest amity.
- Milton.

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