Definition of View

n.1.The act of seeing or beholding; sight; look; survey; examination by the eye; inspection.
Thenceforth I thought thee worth my nearer view.
- Milton.
Objects near our view are thought greater than those of a larger size that are more remote.
- Locke.
Surveying nature with too nice a view.
- Dryden.
2.Mental survey; intellectual perception or examination; as, a just view of the arguments or facts in a case.
I have with exact view perused thee, Hector.
- Shak.
3.Power of seeing, either physically or mentally; reach or range of sight; extent of prospect.
The walls of Pluto's palace are in view.
- Dryden.
4.That which is seen or beheld; sight presented to the natural or intellectual eye; scene; prospect; as, the view from a window.
'T is distance lends enchantment to the view.
- Campbell.
5.The pictorial representation of a scene; a sketch, either drawn or painted; as, a fine view of Lake George.
6.Mode of looking at anything; manner of apprehension; conception; opinion; judgment; as, to state one's views of the policy which ought to be pursued.
To give a right view of this mistaken part of liberty.
- Locke.
7.That which is looked towards, or kept in sight, as object, aim, intention, purpose, design; as, he did it with a view of escaping.
No man sets himself about anything but upon some view or other which serves him for a reason.
- Locke.
8.Appearance; show; aspect.
[Graces] which, by the splendor of her view
Dazzled, before we never knew.
- Waller.
Field of view
See under Field.
Point of view
See under Point.
To have in view
to have in mind as an incident, object, or aim; as, to have one's resignation in view.
View halloo
the shout uttered by a hunter upon seeing the fox break cover.
View of frankpledge
(Law) a court of record, held in a hundred, lordship, or manor, before the steward of the leet.
View of premises
(Law) the inspection by the jury of the place where a litigated transaction is said to have occurred.
- Blackstone.
v. t.1.To see; to behold; especially, to look at with attention, or for the purpose of examining; to examine with the eye; to inspect; to explore.
[imp. & p. p. Viewed (vūd); p. pr. & vb. n. Viewing.]
O, let me view his visage, being dead.
- Shak.
Nearer to view his prey, and, unespied,
To mark what of their state he more might learn.
- Milton.
2.To survey or examine mentally; to consider; as, to view the subject in all its aspects.

Related Words

Anschauung, account, aim, airscape, ambition, analysis, analyzing, angle, angle of vision, animadvert, animus, appraisal, appraisement, appraising, appreciation, apprehension, approach, aspect, aspiration, assess, assessing, assessment, assumption, attend, attitude, audit, basis, be disposed to, be vigilant, be watchful, because of, believe, canvass, catch sight of, check over, check up, cityscape, clap eyes on, climate of opinion, cloudscape, command, common belief, community sentiment, conceit, concept, conclusion, configuration, consensus gentium, consider, consideration, considering, contemplate, contemplation, conviction, counsel, deduction, deem, dekko, descry, desideration, desideratum, design, desire, determination, diorama, direction, discover, distinguish, domination, dream, effect, eidolon, envisage, envision, espy, estimate, estimation, ethos, evaluating, evaluation, evaluative criticism, examination, expectation, exterior, eyeball, eyeful, eyereach, eyeshot, eyesight, facet, farmscape, fashion, feature, feel about it, feeling, field of view, field of vision, figure, fixed purpose, follow, footing, form, frame of reference, framework, function, gauge, gauging, gaze at, general belief, gestalt, glimpse, goal, guise, have a looksee, have in sight, heed, hold, hold in view, hope, horizon, idea, image, imagine, imago, in consideration of, in view of, incline toward, inference, inspection, intendment, intent, intention, interior, judge, judgement, keep in sight, keep in view, keep under observation, ken, landscape, lay eyes on, lean toward, leer, leering look, light, lights, likeness, limit of vision, line of sight, lineaments, look after, look at, look at it, look on, look upon, look-in, lookout, lustful leer, make out, manner, mark, meaning, measurement, mental outlook, mind, motive, mystique, naked eye, nisus, note, notice, notion, object, objective, observe, ocular, on account of, outlook over, pastoral, perceive, personal judgment, persuasion, phase, phasis, pick out, picture, place, plan, point, point of view, popular belief, position, posture, prefer, presumption, prevailing belief, preview, project, projection, proposal, prospectus, public belief, public opinion, purpose, ranking, rate, rating, reaction, reckon, reckoning, recognize, reconnoiter, reference, reference system, remark, representation, resolution, resolve, respect, review, riverscape, sake, scan, scape, scenery, scenic view, scope, scope of vision, scout, scrutinize, scrutiny, seapiece, seascape, see, seeable, seeming, semblance, sentiment, shape, side, sidelong look, sightliness, simulacrum, situation, skyscape, slant, sly look, snowscape, spectacle, spot, spy, spy upon, stance, stand, standpoint, striving, study, style, sweep, system, tableau, take in, take note, take notice, tend, tend toward, theory, think of, thinking, total effect, townscape, twig, twist, understanding, universe, valuation, valuing, vet, view, viewable, viewpoint, visible, visualize, waterscape, way of thinking, weighing, will, wise


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