Definition of Wink

v. i.1.
[imp. & p. p. Winked ; p. pr. & vb. n. Winking.]
1.To nod; to sleep; to nap.
2.To shut the eyes quickly; to close the eyelids with a quick motion.
He must wink, so loud he would cry.
- Chaucer.
And I will wink, so shall the day seem night.
- Shak.
They are not blind, but they wink.
- Tillotson.
3.To close and open the eyelids quickly; to nictitate; to blink.
A baby of some three months old, who winked, and turned aside its little face from the too vivid light of day.
- Hawthorne.
4.To give a hint by a motion of the eyelids, often those of one eye only.
Wink at the footman to leave him without a plate.
- Swift.
5.To avoid taking notice, as if by shutting the eyes; to connive at anything; to be tolerant; - generally with at.
The times of this ignorance God winked at.
- Acts xvii. 30.
And yet, as though he knew it not,
His knowledge winks, and lets his humors reign.
- Herbert.
Obstinacy can not be winked at, but must be subdued.
- Locke.
6.To be dim and flicker; as, the light winks.
Winking monkey
(Zool.) the white-nosed monkey (Cersopithecus nictitans).
v. t.1.To cause (the eyes) to wink.
n.1.The act of closing, or closing and opening, the eyelids quickly; hence, the time necessary for such an act; a moment.
I have not slept one wink.
- Shak.
I could eclipse and cloud them with a wink.
- Donne.
2.A hint given by shutting the eye with a significant cast.
The stockjobber thus from Change Alley goes down,
And tips you, the freeman, a wink.
- Swift.

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